Western International Staff, Your Insurance Recruiting Specialists

What do you do when facing the loss of employee productivity due to a resignation, reassignment, dismissal, illness or for a special project you have planned?  When a hurricane, tornado or earthquake strikes, who will handle the deluge of catastrophe claims?

How do you effectively and timely resolve this type of situation?

Simple. Obtain the services of our experienced insurance recruiting specialists. Unfamiliar with the benefits of this type of service? Read on to find out how Western International Staff will save you time, money and manpower.

Flexible Costs

Insurance staffing can help cut back HR costs, from recruitment to background checks. By hiring professionals from an agency, you can control the hiring process, reduce overhead costs, benefits, screening and qualification verifications.

Realize Immediate Productivity

Through outsourced services, professionals can extend team productivity and capabilities without the need to retrain. They already know the nature of work even before you hire them. So it takes less time to realize a replacement staff progressing forward.

No Long Contracts

Busy season approaching? Many employees on leave? Need to meet a deadline but you don’t quite have the staff on hand?

You have the flexibility to hire additional employees for any extra duties or temporarily vacant tasks. Once duties are fulfilled you can terminate without liability.

Reduced Unemployment Liability

Replacing even one employee can be a huge cost. Using a temporary professional in place of a short-term employee prevents unemployment claims from affecting your company and state unemployment rates.

Meet Project Deadlines

Insurance staffing provides access to the most qualified candidates available for employers. Our recruiting specialists are keen on understanding your project and your requirements. Candidates are thoroughly evaluated based on your requirements. Having qualified professionals to work on your project speeds up progress. Thus, meeting deadlines becomes easier and profits are not affected.


Manage Resource Constraints

Burnouts are common among employees with high workloads. The negative effects of resource constraints can have a devastating impact on a company. It can cause delays, rushed projects with more errors, high stress levels and even the loss of good employees. This can be solved by outsourcing services to a trusted insurance recruiting specialists to fill the gap temporarily. Not only will this manage constraints, this can also improve morale among core employees who are able to work more efficiently.

Stay Focused on Top Priorities

You may have several projects at a time and you simply cannot focus on all of them. The solution is to outsource professionals who will tackle those low priority tasks leaving your core staff for more prioritized tasks. You can be sure your other projects will not be left behind.

Manage Employment Risks

Employees are a key asset to all organizations, but they are also great sources of risk. Insurance recruiting specialists can help by lending a hand during peak work periods and guaranteeing the quality of temporary professionals.

Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Our insurance recruiting specialists identify top candidates that are most likely to be an asset and make a strong contribution to your company. Candidates are recruited individually, making them stand out from the rest. With top candidate choices, hiring mistakes are avoided.

Improve Profitability

Western International Staff, your insurance recruiting specialists provides experienced talent so your business can excel and become more successful.  We select candidates that stand out from the rest and make every effort to be the best. Great performance from hired candidates and the flexible costs offered by utilizing insurance staffing contribute to the profitability of your company.