82% of Employees are Open to New Job Opportunities
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*Increase Employee Satisfaction And Reduce Turnover*  Employee engagement is critical to job satisfaction. Improve employee happiness and retention. Recent studies provide a meaningful view of Employment Opportunities as seen through the eyes of the employee / job seeker. Increasing employee … Read More

Constructing a Professional Resume to Present to a Staffing Consultant

Let’s get the bad news out of the way. Your resume will most likely be one of hundreds. It will sit in a pile on a staffing consultant’s desk until it’s finally picked up and read. In that pile of … Read More

New Challenges for the Insurance industry – the Sharing Economy

Insurers are continuously developing new products to meet the demands the market. Product development analysts research competitor’s products, assess the product lines, work with underwriting, IT, regulatory and actuarial teams to calculate the claims risk and propose pricing. Our new … Read More

Versatility in Insurance Temporary and Permanent Staffing Solutions

The success of your business highly depends on your staff. Insurance claims staffing does not have to be difficult. While hiring a new staff member can become laborious, there are staffing companies that can help you find the right insurance … Read More

Misconceptions regarding flood insurance coverage

The focus is on flood insurance. What constitutes a flood? Why isn’t it covered on a homeowner policy?  What is a Flood Policy? What does it cover? How do you obtain coverage? What is the NFIP? Is it the only … Read More